By the use of a proper evaluation we attempt tp make use of the latest in carbon fiber technology to create a solution for your bracing needs. This leads to a more functional orthosis with better results.


Customized orthotic products available:

Silicone Ankle Foot Orthosis

We specialize in the new SAFO, Silicone Ankle Foot Orthosis

SAFO may be prescribed for:

  • Charcot Marie Toothe Syndrome
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Muscular Dystrophy (MD)
  • Guillian-Barre Syndrone
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Neurological and orthopedic conditions causing Drop Foot
  • Polio

Blue Rocker

We specialize in the new Blue Rocker Orthosis from Allard   

Blue Rocker may be prescribed for:

  • Footdrop from neurological disorders such as stroke, MS, post-polio
  • Footdrop from Myelomeningocele,
  • Cerebral Palsy, Muscular dystrophy
  • Bilateral deficit such as CMT, Neuropathy
  • Severe spasticity
  • Partial foot amputation

Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

The Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO) was developed to control the motion and alignment of the foot and ankle joints. It can be used to assist a patient in ambulation to help the foot in clearing the ground, or to provide stability in walking. AFO's are used to correct for spasticity and to prevent deformity. The AFO can help prevent falls caused by foot drop and instability, making ambulation safer. AFO's are custom molded and fabricated for each patient and have a variety of configurations to accomodate various conditions. the ankle joint may be solid or adjustable depending on the needs of the patient.

AFO may be prescribed for:

  • Drop Foot
  • Varus or valgus conditions
  • Spina Bifida

Knee Ankle Orthoses (KAFO)

The Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) was designed for patients who require support through the knee to the ankle joint, or may require lower extremity alignment and control of motion. It is also used to control the flexion in the knee and provide support for patients with deficient function of the muscles in the lower extremity. KAFO's come in many configurations and are custom fabricated for each patient. The orthosis generally extends from the mid thigh to the foot.

Some conditions a KAFO may be prescribed for:

  • Polio
  • Hemiplagia

KAFO Single Upright

This orthosis will provide various types of control for both the knee and ankle joints. The metallic joints in the ankle and knee permit unrestricted bending. The single vertical upright is connected to bands which hold the orthosis in place at the thigh and calf. The lower portion of the ankle joint is attached rigidly to the shoe.

KAFO Double Upright

The double bar KAFO is similar to the single bar configuration with an added degree of support. There are various type of locking and adjustable joints that can be added to accomodate many different conditions.

KAFO Double Upright

Although similar to the basic KAFO, this model has an adjustable ankle joint, but no knee joint.

KAFO, Plastic

This model is custom molded for each patient and fabricated with double uprights. The thigh and calf bands are replaced with molded plastic and the double knee joints are left free.


Knee Orthosis

A functional knee orthosis may be used for the treatment of patellofemoral conditions both pre and post surgical. The brace helps to control conditions which cause abnormal angulation, axial rotation and instability of the knee joint. There are many different knee orthoses which may be prescribed to control a variety of instabilities in the knee joint. They may also be prescribed in prevention of anterior and posterior cruciate ligament instability or laxity.

Ankle Orthosis

There are a variety of angle braces used for many different purposes They can be as simple as a one piece brace for extra support to a pneumatic walking boot cast with adjustable ankle joints. Their uses may be injury prevention, corrective or post surgical. Most angle orthoses are prefabricated and adjustable for a custom fit.

  • Ankle Gauntlet
  • Pneumatic Full Leg Splint
  • Pneumatic Ankle Control Splint
  • Preparatory Management system
  • Pneumatic Walking Splint 

Cervical Orthoses

Cervical orthoses can be utilized to treat a number of neck injuries and conditions while allowing the patient to have some degree of mobility. These appliances are designed to control the head movement and neck function. The amount of immobilization varies with each device.

Cervical Collar, Semi-Rigid

The collar features adjustable chin and neck pieces and has a mandibular/occipital piece.



Cervical Collar, Two Piece

This semi rigid collar is made from thermoplastic foam.



Cervical Collar, Multiple Post

This brace utilizes posts to provide rigid support which can be adjusted to the patient's needs. Up to four upright posts can be used.


Cervical Collar, Multiple Post

This brace uses multiple upright posts with occipital /mandibular supports. It can be fit to the patient in bed after surgery.

Spinal Orthoses

Corsets and body jackets can be prescribed for correctable conditions such as scoliosis. There are also numerous other orthoses that may be prescribed for other conditions such as osteoporosis and lumbosacral sprains and strains. These orthoses may be prescribed for post surgical support and to promote healing and prevent further injury. Body jackets are custom fabricated for each patient. Corsets and similar orthoses are custom fitted to the patient.

  • Anterior hyper Extension Brace
  • Lumbosacral Corset
  • Thoraco Lumber Sacral Orthosis
  • Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis

WalkAide System

We specialize in the new WalkAid system

WalkAid may be prescribed for:

  • Charcot Marie Toothe Syndrome
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Muscular Dystrophy (MD)
  • Guillian-Barre Syndrone
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Neurological and orthopedic conditions causing Drop Foot
  • Polio


Fracture Braces

Fracture braces are functional orthoses for the extremities that allow immobilization of the limb without inhibiting functional use. Most fracture braces are pre-fabricated and custom fit or modified for the patient's particular needs.

Elbow Orthosis

This custom fit brace can be used to immobilize the elbow. It utilizes humeral and radius fracture braces joined with double hinged joints.

Radius Fracture Orthosis

This custom fit brace can be used to immobilize the radius. It is pre-fabricated from molded plastic and features velco closure straps.

Humeral Fracture Orthorsis

This custom fit brace can be used to immobilize the humerous. It is pre-fabricated from molded plastic and features velcro closure straps.

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